TAQADAM Alliance


Sudan is an independent and Free State with its own entity that is not affiliated with any regional or international ideology and is not hostile to any state, religion, civilization or culture and works for the interests of its citizens first and foremost.
Every Sudanese citizen enjoys all the rights and has all the duties that fall on other citizens, and every citizen has the right to enjoy all the rights contained in the international conventions and may not be deprived of any of them, as the Sudanese are equal in the homeland and before the law
The six provinces of Sudan (North, East, Middle, Kordofan, Darfur and Khartoum) and their inhabitants are represented in all sectors of the state equally and have the equal right to the wealth of the country and its rule without any discrimination between them for any reason whatsoever.
The state is administered in Sudan with the consent of the people and through the ballot box and is considered a criminal who tries to disrupt the electoral right or prolong his rule in public office, and the government official is the first responsible before the people and voters for all decisions negatively and positively, and no other has the right to rule through him subconsciously.